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A New Approach to World Peace... so simple, it just might work! A New Approach to World Peace... so simple, it just might work!
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About Us

With the humblest of beginnings, Friends Without Borders has remained an all-volunteer project funded mostly by the volunteers themselves.  FWB is a non-religious, non-political organization and is an impressive demonstration of just how much a small group of truly dedicated people with enough heart can accomplish.  With a fairly small core team, our volunteers have numbered in the thousands, and we are particularly thankful to all the love the children have put into this project, which is really what keeps us going.

We are motivated to helping people to realize that despite our differences, we all share the same core commonalities and basic experiences, and we encourage everyone to broaden their definition of “us” to one that includes us all.

When we tried last year to list all the volunteers, we found it impossible to keep up.  This project is contagious and so many people have given and continue to give so much.  So instead, we would now like to issue one huge thank you to everyone who has worked with and supported Friends Without Borders.  THANK YOU!!!

We would also like to recognize our most active partners:

  • Routes2Roots - a Delhi-based NGO with an office in Pakistan, is using their decades of experience building social, cultural, and business connections among the peoples of South Asia to tackle the administrative, bureaucratic, and political aspects of the project.

Special thanks to all of the invaluable partners who have collaborated with us along the journey:

  *Friends Without Borders is not affiliated with Doctors Without Borders, which is a registered trademark of Médecins Sans Frontières.
  hearts It may be long before the law of love will be recognised in international affairs. The machineries of government stand between and hide the hearts of one people from those of another. -- M.K. Gandhi